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I’ll assume you’re here because you know how great your life can be…
and you want the tools to write your own success story and effectively control and influence the entire process for obtaining the business & life you truly desire.

In This 12 Week Journey With Drew Kairos, You Will Get Access to And 
Learn New Mental Frameworks, Mind Shifts, Marketing Hacks And Powerful Success Strategies Needed To 
UNLEASH the Alphadog within you!

(And how to do it all without spending more than you have to)
NOTE: Please take your time to read through this entire page before applying.
If you want to break free from being just “average" to pursue something you’re passionate about, and FINALLY start – and grow – as an Enlightened, High-Impact, Abundant, and Successful Entrepreneur...

Then the 12 Week Accelerated Coaching Program is perfect for you, as I personally believe this is the NEW ACCELERATED and EVOLUTIONARY way to GET RESULTS in your life and business.


What you will learn throughout this Coaching Program, is not normally what’s taught.


In fact, most of what you are about to read will challenge the way you have been advised or taught. It may go against your current beliefs and thinking on how to pursue happiness and success.

Let me give you an example...

A lot of people "advise" or teach ONLY "technical" topics and strategies for success — but very seldom do they talk about what it really takes to become a valuable Enlightened, High Impact, and Abundant Entrepreneur with a great lifestyle around it. And among the many wonderful trainers… most of them would never DARE talk about making money or success on many other areas of their life. 

And why would they?

To be honest, because most of them don't have it or are afraid to be authentic and go against what's normal… But it doesn’t have to be that way.


Simply because we do deserve, NOT ONLY, to be enlightened, and make a massive impact, but to have it all!
This is what it's all about - the science of having it all, creating the life that you want around your business - income, opportunities, power and so much more.

This is why I'll ask you to go through this ENTIRE page and details about how this Accelerated Coaching Program can completely change, NOT ONLY your business, but your life - imagine that!

I know this is a HUGE and BOLD statement.

And you are probably thinking…
“This can't be, this is too good to be true (and it is), this is NOT what I’ve been told, and this guy is full of Shit!”

Well, I'll let you make that decision for yourself.

Have you ever started on a program or training, but failed to see it make a difference in your life or business?

Have you ever gone through the diligent process and efforts to get certified, to get your degree, but once again, failed to see it make a difference in your life?

I have.

Not a good place to be in, but that's NOT your fault! - you just listened to advice from someone with NO substantial RESULTS. 

Time to really ask yourself...

What do I really need to improve my chances of getting RESULTS!
Because keep in mind, the game that was played many years ago is NOT the same game that is being played in today's market.

Let me assure you that there’s an amazing feeling of empowerment that comes from knowing you no longer have to worry about your career or your future. And there’s a tremendous sense of FREEDOM when you unfold the newer, smarter ways of pursuing happiness and success as an entrepreneur.

That's why I created this Accelerated Coaching Program.
Explaining what happened next is a little difficult… but it completely changed my life and my career and It has never been done before – NEVER! 

No one has ever created a proven system where, NOT ONLY, would you be able to be highly prepared and ready to overcome any obstacles that come your way.

Go beyond that, through frameworks, proven-methods, and strategies taught through Coaching – for you to learn the specific process to think as a "Successful Entrepreneur" and be able to Position, Market, and Sell yourself as an Enlightened, High Impact, Abundant, Successful professional in today's market, and effectively control and influence the entire process for you to get the business you truly desire.

So, let's start a conversation by giving you a brief introduction about the 12-Week Accelerator Online Coaching Program...
Wouldn’t you like to NOT ONLY mentally free yourself from overthinking, self-imposed limitations, and unnecessary suffering, but also get everything done that needs to be done to successfully grow your business?
I have designed and carefully structured a coaching program that provides very specific methods and advanced learning techniques that apply to mindset, meditation, management, and marketing that will help you to completely change the way you approach your life and business.
Seriously, this Coaching Program is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced or seen before.
This is the reason why it will be a BIG MISTAKE from your part if you don't go over the details on EXACTLY  how this Coaching Program can help you, well...if you're willing to put in the work.

And by the way... your future depends on it (Mentally, Spiritually, Emotionally, Financially...).  

Just to make sure and to be very clear...
This is NOT just another "personal development" training class, this is a Transformational Coaching Program!

A Coaching Program designed for the few who want to Evolve into the next level of their life or business. 

Who want to position themselves in the market place as a world-class, enlightened, high-paid, high-impact, life-changing, success.

It is for those who would rather prefer to their future in a very smart and strategic way. 
If you want to evolve to the next level of yourself by learning a proven system to help you completely eliminate the gap and move forward powerfully.
If you know the BIG difference between having a Coach (Mentor) on your corner rather than just consuming information.
You want NOT ONLY a successful business but to create a healthy and great lifestyle around it - a way to have it all.
If you want to access the most CUTTING-EDGE information, strategies and tactics working in today's market and into the future.
If you are ONLY looking for traditional, personal development, and outdated information or strategies.
Anyone who wants instant results without doing any work, taking massive action or implementing exactly what I will teach or walk you through.
You want to stay on the current path were you can easily waste time and money buying books, training classes, or following the traditional methods, and trying to figure out these specific tactics, frameworks, strategies all by yourself.
You can't follow directions - If you're one of those that doesn't like change, creating new habits or follow instructions based on proven methods.
At this point I've helped you either qualify or disqualify yourself from reading further.
So, can this 12 Week Accelerator Online Coaching Program really help you?

Yes!!! But FIRST, we need to talk about the "10 Biggest Mistakes" that entrepreneurs and business owners make that will keep you from evolving and growing, and which you from positioning yourself in the market or earning what you feel you deserve.

I do this because I want to provide VALUE up front so you can get a clear idea of how dramatically your life/business will evolve if you decide to join our 12 Week Coaching Program.

Let's start shall we...
The 10 BIGGEST Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make
Maybe you’ve bought into the LIE that the ONLY way for you to be a successful Entrepreneur or business owner with a consistent six-figure annual profit, is to be predestined with a specific set of skills, to have expensive specialized training or many years of hands on experience, and to have one magical piece of software that generates paying clients automatically, but this is NOT valid in today's market place.

Don't get me wrong, I'm NOT bashing degrees or years of experience, they help you A LOT. But there's even more critical knowledge that is left out by degrees and traditional experience that is not normally taught or advised...

10 Biggest Mistakes:
1. Expecting success right away
2. Trying to do everything yourself
3. Only focusing on the money
4. Not listening to your audience
5. Not being adaptable
6. Setting impossible goals
7. Ignoring networking and relationships
8. Being too afraid to take a risk
9. Lack of focus or clarity
10. Perfectionism
The Best Entrepreneurs in The World have control of a NEW technology that makes them practically unstoppable...
  •  Alphadog Awareness: Create incredible clarity and insight by tapping into your intuition and inner-mind.
  •  Alphadog Abundance: Create new levels of abundance in your life and business by leveraging proven systems and processes.
  •  Alphadog Accelerator: Completely eliminate the gap between the person you’ve been and the person you know you’re capable of becoming. 
  •  Alphadog Adaptations: Evolve into a stronger, more grounded, and powerful individual that is immune to failure, indecision and overwhelm.
  •  Alphadog Automations: Create processes that allow you to focus on what is truly important in your life, without sacrificing your business success.
We see coaching as a vital component for leaders and organizations who want to succeed and reach beyond the confines of what might be expected in order to reach their goals.
Our coaching offers a perfect blend of support and challenge, inviting our clients to step into the future that they want to create, now. It is our mission to help you seize this opportunity and to experience life in a healthier, more abundant way.
We feel your frustration and honestly, we're fed up with seeing honest, smart people with great potential and passion for making an impact, just like you, being frustrated/overwhelmed when they're in the process of starting or growing their business and just because...
There is too much misleading advice and information in the "Mindset" and "Business" community. And on top of that, we're feeding the all-too-common addiction to strategies. This guides you into feeling stuck and overwhelmed in your pursuit of becoming very successful in today's market, so...

We are committed to deliver the best knowledge, frameworks, strategies, tactics and information that are working in today's world and that you can apply to any business. Many of them I have applied for the past 3 years that have allowed me to accelerate my business and position myself as a High-Paid, Bad-Ass and Successful Entrepreneur.
Because, with just this information, you'll have a HUGE advantage over the other Entrepreneurs that will still play with the same old games and strategies of succeeding in their businesses.
A Few Powerful Pieces of Uncommon Sense!
Personal development is a broken system - it's over complicated, cliché and unfulfilling!  
We must EVOLVE if we want true transformation in our lives.
It takes change to get change. 
Yesterday's thoughts, feelings, and actions will only get you more of what you already have. 
No - "fake it till you make it" doesn't work either.
You are a powerful creator whether you know it or not! Your thinking and your feelings ARE creating your reality.  
You CAN create radical transformation in only 90-days!
My name is Drew Kairos.
I am the CEO of Alphadog Success LLC., a global coaching and training company focused on helping entrepreneurs, organizations and individuals harness the maximum power of human performance, intelligence and potential.
Following a cancer diagnosis and life-changing experience at a very young age…I immersed myself in personal development across a wide variety of subjects, including philosophy, relationships, business, finance, health, psychology and spirituality.
In my life, there have been many fundamental beliefs, ideas and principles that have helped me achieve success in many respects. 
I’ve benefited from different schools of thought and learned from mentors of all different backgrounds and philosophies. The way I live my life and the concepts I teach are a reflection of these different points of view.
My coaching includes a life-altering and powerful exploration of the power of perspective, and provides a practical step-by-step framework for evolving into the next level of human potential.

We focus on personal development and mindset in a way that no other do. It includes a combination of neuroscience, psychology, and spirituality.

That's EXACTLY what I want to share with you, and coach you through on this 12 Week Accelerator Online Coaching Program, the way I did it, and how you can apply the same methodologies, strategies and tactics that worked for me.

~Guiding you to success!
Drew Kairos
CEO | Chief Awareness Architect
Alphadog Success LLC

What clients have to say about Drew and the 12 Week Accelerated Coaching Program

Steven C. says,

"Drew went above and beyond to help me to break through my limiting beliefs and step into my greatness. His direct and honest feedback always came from a place of compassion and empowerment. Drew truly “walks the walk,” and his enthusiasm motivates anyone in his presence to be the best version of themselves."

Michael G. says,

"Drew helped me to discover, identify and nurture my inner strengths. He has taught me to hone those skills through practice, patience & perseverance to become the successful entrepreneur that I have envisioned. I always look forward to our sessions."

Kim D. says,

"Drew is the go-to coach for anyone who is committed to living up to their fullest potential and stepping up as a leader in their life and field of work. When I had the honor of working with Drew, he guided me in identifying and articulating my value, and I now lead my life with more clarity and confidence than ever before."

Nancy K. says,

"Very grateful to have Drew as my coach. He has a way of getting information across so that you understand it. He is very patient; I know I'm not the first person he's explained all this to, yet he acts like it. His energy is positive, yet mellow. Really glad to be a part of his team, and I know that I will owe my success to him. Thanks for being awesome Drew!!"
Limited Spots - Apply Today!
Only accepting 10 new clients per month!
6-12 Sixty minute calls 1-on-1 with Drew
Choose 6 calls, 9 calls, or 12 calls over 12 weeks.
You will get customized 1-on-1 coaching to help you breakthrough your limiting beliefs, obtain clarity, create a plan of action, and live the life you desire.
The Success Attitude PDF Report
A 7 point attitude adjustment that will help you create lasting success in your life, health, relationships, business. 
Reprogram Your Mind - Digital Course
> You are going to understand the importance of what you choose to believe. 
> You will learn to reprogram yourself for success by adopting 8 key mindsets.
> You will understand certain limiting beliefs.
> You are going to learn the process of clearing your mind of toxic beliefs.
Voxer - Walkie Talkie App Access
Voxer Walkie Talkie is a free app that combines the best of Live Voice, text, photos, and videos into a powerful secure messaging tool.
Works on any network on iPhone, Android, and the web.
Ongoing Follow-up Support
You'll have access to ongoing email or Voxer consulting with Drew for advice and a second set of eyes on your objectives, plans or any questions you may have. 
Just send your questions in and get a response...guaranteed.
The 12 Week Accelerated Coaching Program is a challenge, NOT a walk in the park. There will be a lot of content, exercises, training and internal work throughout the 12 weeks. Be warned - this isn’t something you should pick up or join if you only have a spare 30 minutes per week. Again, I'm serious to help you get RESULTS, and the ONLY way is if you do the WORK. Read below and make sure YOU are ready to make this work for you.

Do I have designated time that I can use to ONLY focus on this Coaching Program content, videos, exercises, research, etc ?
Can I follow directions? I understand having a Coach | Mentor will help me dramatically increase the speed and success rate of the RESULTS that I'm looking for.
Do I have the drive and motivation needed to get started with this Accelerated Coaching Program and follow it to fruition?
Do I have the discipline required for the next 12 weeks to do what I have to do (taking action) to massively improve my chances of success?
If you answered yes to all of these, chances are the 12 Week Accelerated Coaching Program is a good fit for you.

I’ll see you on the other side.

Okay, now you’re wondering... "What is this going to cost me?"
Well, let me ask you... how much is costing you right now?    
You may be looking at this 12 Week Accelerator Online Online Coaching Program right now and wondering if you can afford it or whether you should invest the money.
Unfortunately, this type of thinking is only looking at the costs of taking action. What about the rewards?

What about the cost of NOT taking action? What is not taking action costing you right now?

If your life or business is NOT where it needs to be, then what are you waiting for?

Think about how much your time is worth, and how many months or years it may take you to figure all of it out for yourself. Even more than that: how much time are you spending shoulding yourself, or in overwhelm, or anxiety, or indecision? 

My Coach told me once... "To get excellent results, you must take OUTSTANDING actions"

And now we know more, with updated intelligence, if you don't take massive action from an enlightened, powerful place, you will only get AVERAGE results.

Don’t waste anymore time and money by letting this go.
Okay, so there's no actual number here...
If you want the price, then let's get on a call together!
But I promise you - we have an option that fits every budget.
Throughout this page you will find a buttons to the "Coaching Program" application form.

The application process is FREE.

FIRST - you will need to book a consultation call with Drew. 
SECOND - you will fill out a quick questionnaire to give us background. 

It has a few questions we would like you to answer, so we can get to know you more and if you are a good candidate for this Program.

CEO -Drew Kairos will call you at the scheduled time ONLY if you fill out the application completely with as much details as possible.
Will The Next 12 Weeks Be The Ones You Forever Look Back Upon As The Ones That Totally Transformed Your Life & Business?

Elena G. says,

"Drew is insightful, caring, and kind. His ability to be an excellent listener enables him to have a clear understanding of you and coach you effectively. He is a person you will want in your life forever. Plus, he gets bonus points for being a dog guy."

Sabina R. says,

"Drew, you are a great Coach and a terrific Person! You find the exact balance to motivate people on their personal life and business! You encourage us to move one step further, you inspire us to help each other as part of One Whole. You show professionalism and you focus on your clients' problems, teach us to work with confidence and to take action. You are patient and you have the ability to explain and guide people regardless their experience or knowledge in this business. Thank you very much!"

Robert L. says,

"I just want to say I am thankful to be working with Drew. I have no idea what I am doing, and he makes it look so easy with whatever I need help on. He is very patient, never gets frustrated, and keeps helping you along the way. He always has an answer for anything that I'm confused on. I always look forward to every coaching session so I can implement what he is teaching. If you haven't seen his videos, check them out. A real pleasure to watch and you'll learn a lot!"
I'm still at square one, very new to entrepreneurship, will this Coaching Program be right for me?
Absolutely - If ONLY you are willing to do the work. The 12 Week Accelerator Coaching Program covers every stage from beginner to all the way to the professional level. In fact now is the perfect time for you to join; as you'll get the training require to start your journey the right way.
How is this Coaching Program different from other courses?
First, this is NOT just another course, this is a Coaching Program that is based on years of experience and best practices. I've been deeply invested in personal development for over 15 years!

This isn’t based off a one-time success. It’s the accumulation of proven frameworks, strategies, that were learned and apply for the past 3 years, all distilled down into a blueprint for recurring success.
You don’t have to experiment and hopefully find something that works. 

And don’t forget, I’ve been doing this myself having incredible results.
I already know about MINDSET and PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT, what can this 12 Week Accelerator Online Coaching Program can do for me?
Well. let me ask you...are you experiencing the RESULTS that you'd like to be?

I know plenty of people that have "done the work" already with no results, unable to get ahead or create powerfully in their life or business.  I'm assuming you want to keep growing and experience the life you dream of don't you? Then, this is certainly the Coaching Program for you. Make sure you read all the details on this page to find out more about how we can help you.
How much time will it take to go through the Coaching Program?
The Coaching Program is a twelve week training program, however we encourage you to dedicate at least 5 hours per week for the next twelve weeks to put in the necessary work for transformation.
What, specifically, will I have when I finish this Coaching Program that I don't have today?
By the time this Coaching Program is finished, you'll have all the skills necessary to live a more beautiful, powerful, grounded life; experience more success in your business; and have more free time to enjoy everything you love.
Why should I APPLY | JOIN the Coaching Program today instead of waiting?
First, because the PRICE will INCREASE with time.

Also, it's time for you to take action and GET RESULTS! Simple as that. If you really want a bulletproof mindset, crystal clear goals, and a plan of action to acquire the success you desire then you need somewhere to get answers for all of your questions. You need support, community, accountability and most of all... coaching!
Is there support as I go through the Coaching Program?
The 12 Week Accelerator Online Coaching Program is very step-by-step but it’s natural to have questions. That’s why we’ve gone to great lengths to ensure you’ll be supported the whole way.
You will have regular One-On-One Coaching access with Drew. Plus, the ability to send an email or Voxer anytime in-between scheduled calls.

This is about you building massive momentum and getting closer to get the RESULTS you're looking for… and I’m not going to let any questions stop you from getting results.

So as you go through the materials and you have questions about your specific site, you’ll be able to get the clarity you need for applying everything you (or your team) are learning.
What if this 12 Week Accelerator Online Coaching Program doesn’t meet my needs?
No problem. I offer a full 3 Week MONEY-BACK-GUARANTEE. If by the 3rd week you don't agree that it’s worth every penny; I will promptly refund your money. No questions asked. No hassle. You have my word on it. Just send me an email and we will promptly refund your money back.
What if I have a question that's not on this FAQ list?
We are here to help, and want you to be completely comfortable with your investment. Simply submit any questions you have to me at Drew@alphadogsuccess.com
  •  You want to have the right mindset.
  •  You want to be mindful of what you choose to believe.
  •  You know that certain limiting beliefs can hold you back and drag you down from the success that you could have otherwise achieved.
  •  You want to have the chance to be in a better position to reprogram yourself for better success.
  •  You want to learn how to shape your emotional response to the things that are happening around you, your priorities, your values, and your life's direction.
YES, Drew! I'm READY to EVOLVE to a higher version of myself!
Don't WAIT! Only 10 students accepted per month.
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